Everything Old is New Again

In the last few weeks, there have been some notable performances that have received a great deal of media attention. But like any great artist, they stand on the shoulders of those who came before.

One on the hot new stars of music is Billy Eilish. Much has been made of her recent performance on Saturday Night Live. Very cool, indeed!

But do you know the original clip that inspired it? Billy Eilish acknowledged she got the idea from Fred Astaire's dazzling performance in "Royal Wedding" (1951).

Next up: The big movie over last weekend was Joker. Much has been made of Joaquin Phoenix's performance, including his dancing.

But where did he get those dance moves? In recent interviews, he's noted that his dancing was inspired by this classic clip of Ray Bolger.

I appreciate that these stars openly acknowledge the root of their inspiration. There is so much great material from the swing era! Hopefully this peaks the interest of others to seek out of these kinds of classic clips.

Mark Kihara