The Incredible Jean Veloz

I have been fortunate to see some incredible lindy hop performances over the last 20+ years. Watching world class lindy hoppers at the peak of their powers can take your breath away. I have been in the room for many of these numbers and it’s a joy to see how far people can take the dance.

Yet nothing inspires me in quite the same way as watching the originators of this dance who still swing. To see them dance, now many years on from their heyday, enriches the soul. It reminds you that everyone, no matter their age, can have something special to share.

One legend that is still swinging hard is Jean Veloz, who recently celebrated her 95th birthday. She has a style and grace that is immediately recognizable. Jean is a legend and video of her dancing has been studied by many subsequent generations of lindy hoppers.

But it’s Jean’s more recent displays that have captured the imagination of the world. I was lucky enough to be in the front row when 88 year old, Jean Veloz brought the house down.

This video has been watched a mere 1.2 million times.

I can tell you that while the video is amazing, it hardly captures the magic of being in the room. The applause afterward was deafening. It was a special moment and I’m glad it was captured by the fantastic Rusty Frank.

If you ever need some inspiration and optimism about the future, this clip of Jean Veloz will give it you.