Swing It Simple

Is lindy hop a simple dance? You bet it is!

Of course there are some technical elements. Lindy hop most certainly has a richness of ideas. But the fundamental elements are not nearly as complex as many would make them out to be. It took me some time as both a lindy dancer and a teacher to understand that. The key is to appreciate, enjoy, and celebrate its simplicity.

I realize that many newer dancers, particularly newer teachers will create non-existent or not-actually-important concepts. I certainly did the same thing! You love something so much and then you want to go deeper. Before you know it you’ve scribbled a blackboard full of formulas that help with nothing whatsoever.

As you progress with lindy hop, look for the most basic of explanations for how things work. You’ll be surprised how often you can come back to the very things we teach you in lindy 1.