Enter the Matrix.... of The Savoy Ballroom?

There currently exists a project to create the original Savoy Ballroom in Virtual Reality.

Let me just say that again so it can sink in: The Savoy Ballroom in VR.

Ella Fitzgerald at The Savoy 1941

Ella Fitzgerald at The Savoy 1941

Welcome to the Savoy is an exciting and ambitious undertaking. Anyone who has heard the stories of the Savoy has imagined what some of its most famous nights would have been like. Frankie & Freida doing the first airstep, Benny Goodman vs. Chick Webb, Chick Webb vs. Count Basie…. the list goes on and on.

The project team has one member that I know personally, Sharon Davis. I can say as someone who has worked with and for her, I have absolute confidence that this project will be a success. She is possibly the most organized of all of the organizers I’ve ever worked for.

The Savoy was the mecca for lindy hop. I am happy and grateful a talented group of people are working to honor its history in this unique and compelling way. I’ll be the first in line when they make it available to the world!