How to take a Lindy Hop Private Lesson

Have you considered a lindy hop private lesson? This is a great way to improve your dancing as the benefits of one-on-one instruction can be tremendous. Here’s some advice when considering a private lesson:

*If you know what you want to work on, say so!

Yes, your doctor can figure out what’s wrong but if you know what’s bothering you, say so. Don’t be shy. As a teacher, I want to maximize your time and focus on the areas you wish to improve on. There is always lots to work on but if you have a something specific, speak up!

*If you don’t know what you want to work on, say that, too.

It’s fine if you don’t know exactly the thing that isn’t working with your dancing. Any lindy instructor worth your time should be able to analyze what needs work relatively quickly. By that, I mean after dancing with you (or watching you) they should know where to go in minute or less.

*Assume whatever you are going to ask will require practice

It can be easy during a private lesson to somehow want to master something in the allotted time. My experience has been that if you can master it in 5 minutes, you didn’t need a private lesson. After all, we’ve got other options for that at Swing It Seattle.

Instead, look to get a grasp of the concept and feel like you have enough information to make improvements

*Take Notes During or After

Use the last few minutes of your time with the instructor to take notes. Ask them to help you recap everything they have told you.

What have been your experiences with lindy hop private lessons? Let me know in the comments.