Goodbye, Norma

Lindy Hoppers around the world are mourning the passing of Norma Miller. There have been numerous write ups about her passing which have justifiably made national news.

Yes, she was a legendary dancer. As the last living member of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, her passing closes the last connection that we had to this particular group and time. The clips she is in makeup the definitive historical reference points we use when looking at the lindy hop.

Yes, she was a talented comedian. She opened for and worked with some of the most important comedians of all-time.

And yes, she was also a singer, author, and actress.

But there’s no words that capture the experience of being in her presence. How I wish everyone could have met her! She was vibrant, full of energy (and opinions), an absolute powerhouse of personality and wit. There has never been another person to “tell it like it is” the way that Norma Miller did it. Anyone who met her has a “Norma Miller Story” or twenty.

Quite obviously, there will never be another Norma Miller. She will be dearly missed.