Collegiate Shag 7:00-9:00 SUN 7/21

Collegiate Shag 7:00-9:00 SUN 7/21


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Swing It Special: Collegiate Shag 7:00-9:00 SUN 7/21 with guest instructors Daniel Newsome & Theresa Manney

Theresa and Dan will introduce you to Collegiate Shag! Originally called "flea hop", this unique and eye-catching dance style integrates cool footwork, lead/follow and choreography, useful musicality, all with a hint of randomness and silliness. There's kicks, hops, hitches, ball-changes, grapevines, chugs and breakaways. Suitable for all levels, you will leave with a whole new vocabulary for expressing swing music.

Pre-req: none



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About our guest instructors

Daniel Newsome has been dancing for over 20 years. He also enjoys playing swing music, and blogging about teaching, music, community and running dance teams. He loves sharing history, creating community and spreading the love of dance to people of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels. You can find out more about him at

Theresa Manney started swing dancing 10 years ago. She enjoys teaching, competing and performing styles including lindy hop, balboa, shag, and solo jazz. Her background in ballet has encouraged her passion for body mechanics within the dance. She also fosters a deep interest in jazz music, which is easily seen as a focal point when teaching. She can often be found on stage performing with Sister Kate Dance Company and is frequently found social dancing all around town.