Swing It Seattle has an ever growing community of people who enjoy our instruction and events. Check out a small sampling of our reviews and testimonials.

Swing It Seattle is THE PLACE to do the lindy hop!

I’m new to dance lessons, and I’m glad I found Swing-It Seattle. Mark and Katie are energetic, knowledgeable, hands-on teachers. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming.
— Roger H.
The instructors of Swing It Seattle, Mark and Katie Kihara, are in a league of their own. They are dazzling dancers and teachers who bring to their classes their love of dancing, years of experience teaching, and fascinating knowledge about the history of swing and its music. They work as effectively with beginners as advanced dancers and seem able to track the progress of each student, class after class. Mark and Katie create a comfortable atmosphere where diverse dancers (including from all ages) come together to learn and dance—and have a lot of fun. In this wonderful community of dancers, I have been entertained, challenged, and enthralled, and I have enjoyed myself more in a single hour than I would have thought possible.
— Barbara G.
Mark & Katie are awesome instructors with a great passion for lindy hop. Their teaching style suits dancers of all levels, as they’re able to break down a sequence into intuitive steps and memorable mnemonics that are a joy to learn. They have a seemingly infinite repertoire and so much knowledge about swing dancing. It’s always good times with Katie & Mark, be it in class or during social dancing!
— Robin C.
Their teaching style is easy to follow, especially because they provide review videos that you can use to keep what you learn fresh in your mind. When you’re stuck, they’re always there to help, either during class or during the practice times they offer students. They even put together playlists so you can practice at home. Considering all the tools and facetime they give you, you definitely get your money’s worth compared to other places. There are people of all ages, and there are classes right for every skill level. I always feel really welcome, and I’ve made a lot of new friends.
— Ashley L.
Mark & Katie of Swing It Seattle are great! I started taking swing classes with my fiancee a couple of years ago with Mark & Katie. At the time, my fiancee didn’t dance at all, and was a little worried that he’d have a bad time, or not pick up on things as quickly as everyone else. Turns out, we both have had a GREAT time learning Lindy Hop!
— Michelle B.
My husband and I are in 2nd season of class now (each season is 5 weeks of 1-hour class). Class is fun, you have to pair up with anyone in class for you to learn to dance with different partners. We do get nervous but the fellow classmates and Mark and Katie always made us feel safe and every time without fail at the end of the class we broke a lot of sweat, learn new moves and had a great time.
— Tommy K.