What is lindy hop?

Lindy hop is the original swing dance. Danced at a variety of tempos, lindy hop and big band swing perfectly compliment one another. Lindy hop is oftentimes characterized as a joyful, happy dance. Improvisation and rhythmical play are tied to lindy's styling and spirit.

Can anyone learn to lindy hop?

Lindy hop is uniquely accessible to most everyone, even if you have no dance experience. Wondering if you can lindy hop? You can! Swing It Seattle will get you there!

Who was Frankie Manning?

Frankie Manning is widely considered the greatest and most influential lindy hopper of all-time. Along with being credited for developing a more athletic position within lindy, he is also credited with creating the first ensemble routine, airstep, and developing many of the partnering dynamics used throughout the dance. He traveled the world from the 1980s until his passing in 2009, spreading the joy of lindy hop around the world through his teachings and stories. He is recognized as the prime mover in lindy hop’s worldwide spread during the modern era.

Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop is essential reading for all lindy hoppers!