About Lindy Hop

What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy hop is the original swing dance. Danced at a variety of tempos, lindy hop and big band swing perfectly complement one another. Lindy hop is oftentimes characterized as a joyful, happy dance. Improvisation and rhythmical play are tied to lindy's styling and spirit.

Can anyone learn to Lindy Hop?

Lindy hop is uniquely accessible to most everyone, even if you have no dance experience. Wondering if you can lindy hop? You can! Swing It Seattle will get you there!

Our Classes

What is the difference between the Leader and Follower Role?

At the very beginning of your learning, leaders initiate the shapes/moves and followers respond. It is something close to leaders are passing the ball and followers catching it.

As we progress, the dynamic starts to change: It becomes something closer to passing the ball back and forth.

Do I need to sign up with a partner?

Not at all! We rotate partners throughout the class.

However, we do try and keep the roles balanced so that you rarely, if ever have to sit out. Signing up with a someone dancing the opposite role will allow you forego any possible waitlists.

Which role do I choose?

It is entirely up to you. Both are fun, sometimes in very different ways. At Swing It Seattle, you can register as either a Leader, Follower, or Balancer (happy to dance either role).

Do I have to dance a particular role?

Swing It Seattle welcomes and expects everyone to participate in our classes fully, regardless of gender identity.

Most of our classes have both male and female identifying students dancing both roles. Sign up as you like and let’s dance!

Where are classes located?

All weekly class series (Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays) are located at China Harbor. Saturday workshops are located at Polish Home.

Where do I park?

Parking at China Harbor is FREE at all times during our weekly classes. However, it can get rather busy, particularly on weekends. Please give yourself a few minutes to find a spot. For our Saturday workshops and dance, please see parking info here.

What Do I Wear?

For our classes and socials, we encourage everyone to dress comfortably. Wear shoes that have support but are not too sticky.

Some people dress up a bit more for our weekly social, particularly when there is live music. However, this is not required. You will not be out of place in a pair of jeans at Swing It Seattle.

What Class Level Should I Take?

While it’s not an exact science, we have created the helpful flowchart that can better help you pick the right class. Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ultimately we do our best to tailor the class to the needs to students who are in it.

What is the Class Helper Program?

*Your friend registers for the full lindy 1 series

*You take the class with the for free!

This offer is available to all lindy students level 2 and above. Class Helpers must be willing to dance either role in order to balance out the class.


Who was Frankie Manning?

Frankie Manning is widely considered the greatest and most influential lindy hopper of all-time. Along with being credited for developing a more athletic position within lindy, he created the first ensemble routine, airstep, and developed many of the partnering dynamics used throughout the dance. He traveled the world from the 1980s until his passing in 2009, spreading the joy of lindy hop through his teachings and stories. He is recognized as the prime mover in lindy hop’s worldwide spread during the modern era.

Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop is essential reading for all lindy hoppers!

What is Swing It Seattle’s connection to Frankie Manning?

Like many, Swing It Seattle’s instructor, Mark Kihara took class from Frankie Manning. Additionally, he has partnered with others who taught with Frankie and received their unique insights into his ideas and philosophies.

Most notably, Mark Kihara previously served as project director of the Frankie Manning Media Archive. Produced in conjunction with the Frankie Manning Foundation, this ambitious project aims to collect and make publicly available significant footage of Frankie Manning.

Swing It Seattle continues to provide its students access to rare and never-before-seen footage of Frankie Manning & other historic figures in jazz dance.

How does Swing It Seattle support the African-American communities where lindy hop began?

Swing It Seattle makes recurring donations to both the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle and the Black Heritage Society of Washington State. Misc.

Do you sell Swing It Seattle Merchandise?

Check out our STORE

Who designed your incredible logo?

The fantastic Em Harrenstein. Follow her on instagram to see more of her work!

I am putting on a fundraiser. Would Swing It Seattle make a donation of a class series for a prize or auction item?

In most cases, yes! Contact Us with information regarding your event. We are particularly interested fundraisers that support the arts, youth, and African-American communities.